Who We Are

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In the hemp and CBD space, talk is cheap and promises are grandiose. But at Haygood Farms, we want to cut through all that clutter. We know that consumers are looking for trustworthy information and trustworthy products in a simplistic, easy-to-comprehend package. In an industry that’s often riddled with misinformation on one end of the spectrum and overly scientific minutia on the other, you can count on us to deliver what really matters: excellent products and comprehensible information. Every time.

Dirt to Delivery

We started Haygood Farms in 2017 with a goal to offer consumers a consistent, high-quality product that they could track from dirt to delivery. None of this “who knows where this CBD even came from?” stuff. We grow it, we process it, and we provide you with oils and salves of the highest caliber. You know your product grew straight from the glorious Tennessee earth. It’s as simple as that. 

Information Detox

Let’s be real — to say we’re inundated with information is probably a gross understatement in this day and age. The ability to search for anything under the sun any day, any time is a blessing and a curse. Add to it the fact that anybody anywhere can position themselves as an “expert” online, and we’ve created a nightmarish situation for the informed consumer. We know that people want to turn to sources they have deemed credible and block out the rest of the noise. We’ve got you covered on that front. 

A Family Affair

Haygood Farms is a family operation. The success of our business isn’t just a reflection of one individual’s mission, but rather a unified vision developed by many. Haygood Farms is powered by brothers, cousins, and friends who all sought to do something different by blending top-notch product with a “back to the basics,” people-focused approach to business. It’s not only our passion for bringing excellent products to market, but also our passion to support one another as a team (and a family), that makes our work “work.” 

What You Care About

Whether you’re considering local, regional, or national trends, it’s easy to see that people are looking to do business with brands that care about more than just the product or service they’re selling. People want to do business with brands they connect with on a fundamental level. That’s why we’ll never waver on the things our consumers value, such as minimal ingredient lists, high-caliber, organic Tennessee hemp, and an unyielding commitment to education and partnership with other leaders in the industry.

So. That’s a little bit about who we are. We look forward to sharing new developments and updates about Haygood Farms in the months to come, and we also look forward to learning more about what matters to you, our valued customer.

Please don’t hesitate to send questions, thoughts, and feedback our way.