What’s Cropping Up: Clone Plants Available from Haygood

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What’s Cropping Up: Clone Plants Available from Haygood

The hemp industry in Tennessee, and across the United States, is changing and growing more quickly than many people can keep up with. There is always something to learn and a new facet of business — and farming — to consider. 

Our response to these developments and our ability to keep up with industry and customer demands have always help set us apart — and we’re excited to announce that beginning in February, Haygood will be offering clone hemp plants for sale. Grown from cuts from Haygood’s mother plants, these clones offer farmers and hobbyists plants with genetics that are tried and true to the region. 

“From trial and error, we’ve watched these plants thrive in southeast Tennessee’s demanding weather conditions,” says Jimmy Schwartz, co-founder of Haygood Farms. “We’re eager to provide plants that do well in our region to the thriving hemp-growing community. Our goal is to help farmers in our area thrive.”

Plants come with a Certificate of Analysis, or COA, a third-party lab analysis of the cannabinoid content — including levels of the most common cannabinoids — that are required for growing hemp in the state. These plants are ideal for indoor and greenhouse growth and producing flower.

Good Soil, Solid Genetics

The co-founders of Haygood have placed great value on two fundamental components of their process: the ground and soil where hemp is grown and genetics. They’ve invested time and money into soil samples and ensuring their farmland is primed for hemp plants. They’re expanding their focus on genetics this winter, as well. 

“Every year we watch how plants respond to the often extreme summer weather,” Schwartz says. “Sometimes we face floodlike conditions and other years drought. We start with solid genetics and observe how each strain grows and produces, based on flower weight and how well the plant stands on its own.”

Because of the sometimes challenging growing conditions and high humidity in the southeast, Haygood co-founders have focused their flower production in existing greenhouses. This controlled environment produces a more desirable, dense flower. Haygood hemp plants for biomass, or plants that will be dried and used for oil extraction, are grown outdoors.

“We want to up the ante on the quality of flower available,” Schwartz says. “Consumers deserve a high-quality product that hasn’t been easy to grow or obtain in our region. We think we’re moving in the right direction with our plants — dense flowers for optimal consumption.”

Haygood continues to pay close attention to their plants’ cannabinoid profile, including different cannabinoids that are gaining momentum and interest in functionalities with the human body — like CBG, or cannabigerol. 

“With so many growers now, the demand is high for plants with good genetics,” says Cullom Boyd, founder of Haygood. “We’re excited for the upcoming season and we’re eager to continually provide the highest quality plants and products to our customers.”

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