Wake Up Fresh: A Morning Routine Starts with Haygood

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Wake Up Fresh: A Morning Routine with Haygood

Want to start the day feeling your best? Consider adjusting your morning routine—and adding Haygood Stay Good immunity capsules or full-spectrum CBD extract oils—to find balance all day long.

How you start your morning can set the tone for the day, whether it’s a sense of rushing and urgency or calm and focus. Just as a soothing nighttime routine can aid in improved sleep, a morning routine can lead to feelings of calm and reduce stress and anxiety throughout the day.  

1. Find quiet focus through meditation or movement 

Both meditation and soothing movements have the power to focus the mind. Meditation, or the practice of focusing thoughts, can be a powerful tool for improving the state of mind and body. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, some research suggests that meditation may slow or stall the processes of aging in the brain. Similarly, practicing meditation may reduce blood pressure and ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as help individuals control flare-ups of certain gastrointestinal disorders and diseases.

Some individuals find centering and calming through movement, such as running, walking, swimming, yoga, or more traditional forms of exercise. People who start their days with a workout may cite a sense of accomplishment, as well as having balanced energy, as motivation to keep up the routine. 

How To Get Started

If you’re new to meditation, look for an app or YouTube to guide you through. Meditation can be as short as one to five minutes, or longer as you continue to practice. Take a walk before settling in for work, whether it’s just around the block or for a greater length of time. Runners and walkers enjoy the benefits of being outside, during all seasons, as a groudning part of their day. Having a recovery day? Finish your morning movement with Haygood’s Play Good minty roll-on CBD muscle freeze or soothing CBD salve.

2. Drink up.

Before you caffeinate, start your morning with a glass of water. Drinking water prevents dehydration, which can cause unclear thinking, mood changes, and cause your body to overheat, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A tall glass of water can chase your daily supplements—like the Haygood Stay Good Immunity Capsules—or medications, and it may help you feel refreshed and rehydrated after sleeping. Your water needs vary depending on how much you exercise, your environment, and overall health needs.

How to Get Started

Need a twist on plain water? At Haygood we like to start our day with a squeeze of fresh lemon for flavor and a few drops of Haygood’s full-spectrum organic hemp extract oil to set the mood for a balanced morning.  

3. Eat a balanced meal

A balanced breakfast can hold the keys to a smooth day. Find the best time and ingredients for your first meal, and consider some combination of fruits or veggies, healthy fat, protein, and whole grains. Breakfast can be as exotic as a veggie omelette or as simple as oatmeal with peanut butter and blueberries. In general, avoid overly sugary options like doughnuts or muffins, and incorporate a simple protein, like hard boiled eggs or nut butter, to help feel fuller longer.

The first meal of the day may be a good time to take any medications or supplements. At Haygood, we take a daily Stay Good capsule that packs a punch of medicinal mushrooms, added botanicals and full-spectrum CBD to give the immune system and brain a boost. 

How To Get Started

If you’re too busy to prepare breakfast, try making it the night before. Overnight oats are an easy make-ahead meal, and you can try different combinations of flavors with coconut or oat milk, chia seeds, dried or fresh fruit, and nut butters—and even Haygood full-spectrum hemp extract oil!

CBD in the Morning, You Say?

YES to CBD in the morning! While there are many preconceived notions about daytime use of CBD, full-spectrum hemp products may help relieve daytime stress, anxiety, and tension all day long.

Here’s what to consider if you use Haygood products during the day:

1. Try a blend. Our Stay Good immunity capsules deliver CBD and brain-boosting botanicals and mushrooms in one small pill. For the greatest benefits, we recommend taking it daily.


2. Start Small. If you’re new to CBD, try a much smaller dose in the morning that you would use before bed. Our full-spectrum hemp extract oils are great for this, with marked doses on the droppers. Similarly, a lower milligram extract can be more easily measured into smaller doses. 

3. Put it in your food or beverage of choice. We love blended coffee and tea drinks—and delicious smoothies—with a yummy dose of Haygood hemp extract oil added in!

Check out delicious recipes with Haygood CBD add-ins on our Instagram page!

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