Springtime at Haygood

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Springtime at Haygood

As COVID-19 spreads across the world, all of us have been affected — including Haygood Farms and the hemp industry. Many of our retail partners and wholesale clients have faced tough decisions about how and when to close and then reopen safely. Much like other companies, we’ve taken the pandemic as a time to do a little housekeeping and finetune our processes, including a zippier website experience, updated online shopping, and new packaging for our entire product line. That includes organic labeling for our smokable flower!

As always, we want to keep providing the high-quality products you love, which you can find at your favorite hemp retailer or directly from our website. We still offer fast shipping, a streamlined shopping experience on our website, and a few new products we think you’ll like, including a full-spectrum 500mg peppermint salve.

Farming as Usual — Our Favorite Season

While many people have been hunkered down for more than eight weeks, life and work on Haygood Farms in the Sequatchie Valley continues. As farmers, we weather a lot of different storms, including the chaos of running a farm and small business during a pandemic. But we’re grateful to still get to work outside during our favorite season.

Springtime is busy here — we’re gearing up for a productive and hopefully fruitful year. What does that look like? More than 40,000 seeds of Bubba Kush and Frosted Lime have been germinating in our greenhouses and are almost ready for planting.

Hemp farming, much like other agricultural operations, requires a lot of hard work, planning, repeated testing, and learning from past mistakes. Farmers feel the brunt of not just physical work and maintaining equipment to plow and till fields and plant and harvest crops, but also every weather extreme, be it rainy seasons, storms, or droughts.

There’s no doubt the rain in the Tennessee Valley region this spring has been a hindrance, but that hasn’t deterred us. Just as we’re looking forward to planting crops that will carry us through to harvest in late summer and early fall, we’re looking forward to sharing our products with customers across the country and world.

We’re excited about our expanded product line, which includes Hemp Rolls hemp cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco, our tried and true hemp tinctures in various strengths, and a peppermint-scented salve to accompany our lavender and lemongrass salves. Curious about product reviews and what our customers are saying? Check out this Haygood Farms product review. Of course, we stand by the quality, packaging, and delivery of our organically grown products, from dirt to delivery.

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