Smokable Flower + CBD Consumption: What You Need to Know

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Smokable Flower + CBD 

What You Need To Know About Consumption

At Haygood Farms, we know and grow hemp. Indoor, outdoor, and upside down (the latter at least when it’s drying in our warehouses). Our full-spectrum, certified organic hemp can be consumed in different ways: through an ingestible tincture, as an external salve for aches and sore muscles, and as smokable flower.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve noticed that people are very interested in purchasing smokeable flower, as it’s the fastest-acting form of CBD. If you’ve been dealing with enhanced stress levels and you’re looking for a solution, our smokeable flower — which boasts a 15% CBD content — may be a beneficial solution. Today, we’re breaking down what smokeable flower is, how it differs from other methods of consumption, and how it can be used.

So how does smokable flower differ from other CBD products?

Smokable flower refers to the dried hemp flowers. The flower of a cannabis plant contains the most resin, and resin contains the highest concentrations of cannabinoids (or chemical compounds in the cannabis plant — CBD is a cannabinoid). Each method of consumption — through tinctures, salves, or smoking — has its benefits.

> Tinctures and salves. The widely popularized CBD tinctures, recognizable by the little brown dropper bottles, are made by extracting the valuable oils from hemp. Taken under the tongue, tinctures may provide a four- to six-hour window of of benefits, such as pain relief or better sleep. Rub-on salves, which deliver CBD through the skin, provide a similar window of potential relief. 

> Smokable flower. Since the 2018 Farm Bill marked the re-emergence of hemp production in the United States, hemp growers and sellers have seen an uptick in demand for smokable flower — that’s the most direct form of cannabis consumption. So what’s all the buzz about? 

Smoking flower is the quickest way to reap the benefits of CBD. By incinerating the resinous flower, cannabinoids hit the bloodstream directly instead of a more steady release through ingesting tinctures. For people using CBD for its potential to relieve pain or anxiety, this method may provide the quickest relief. People who prefer to smoke flower may enjoy its immediate onset of relief and clear-headed feeling without the effects of THC — CBD products, including smokable flower, are required to contain less than 0.3% THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive component of cannabis.

I’ve never smoked hemp flower.

What do you suggest?

You have a couple of options on this front:

> Roll your own or use a pipe. Grind or break the flower into small bits, and use rolling paper or pre-rolled cones to form a joint. Similarly, you can burn the flower using your preferred style of pipe. 

Haygood Farms flower is available to purchase directly through our site and at retailers in the Chattanooga region. Check out your local hemp shop to learn more about different styles of rolling papers, grinders, and pipes, as there are many varieties each with different benefits. We like the folks down at Hemp House and Grass Roots Health who can help customers find the right method of consumption.

> Buy pre-rolls. Some people enjoy the reported benefits of CBD as a substitute for tobacco cigarettes. Haygood partnered with Hemp Rolls to create pre-rolled hemp cigarettes. Commercially packed with a special blend of Haygood’s organically grown hemp, Hemp Rolls are accessible and may be a good option to someone new to smokable flower. 

Overall, smokable flower comes in at an attractive price point compared with tinctures. Check out Haygood’s selection on our website or at your favorite local retailer to learn more about methods of smoking hemp.

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