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Full Spectrum CBD Oil

“I suffered from high anxiety, stress and a lot of related symptoms. Doctors would prescribe all sorts of chemical meds that seemed to either knock me out or make me feel weird. Since taking Haygood Farms CBD oil, my anxiety and stress levels have gone WAY down. AND it makes me feel good that I’m not taking a bunch of un-natural chemicals and meds.”



Peppermint Full Spectum CBD Oil

“My initial thought as I took my first drops of Haygood’s CBD oil? It tastes so pure! That’s what I like about it (plus the fact that it has reduced my overall discomfort, muscle pain and anxiousness.) It feels “right” taking it, like it’s a natural product… because it IS! I like feeling as though I’m taking something that isn’t going to be addictive, or somehow chemically imbalance me. It’s natural, and pure, and I can tell!”




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