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Our Partners: Recover Brands Creates Haygood T-Shirts

Add Haygood swag to your wardrobe AND keep plastic out of landfills!

Everything we do at Haygood, from our farming practices to our packaging, is focused on producing the highest quality hemp and hemp products while minimizing our impact on the environment. 

That was the main driver behind our USDA organic certification on our farming practices and our hemp. That designation means in every aspect of our planting, harvesting and processing, we’re keeping chemicals out of our plants, the ground and water, a major concern in commercial agriculture.

Shared Values, Shared Mission

We partner with companies that share the same commitment to protecting our planet and creating a minimal—or zero—impact on the environment. That’s why when we set out to source swag for our dedicated customers and biggest fans, we sought a company with a commitment to sustainable apparel and ethical labor practices. 


Recover Brands was founded in 2010 by two friends, Bill Johnston and John Riddle, in North Carolina who shared a dream to start a sustainable, mission-driven apparel company that would reduce plastic in rivers, oceans, landfills, and adventure playgrounds, as well as give people an easy choice to be a part of the solution.

The Recover Brands Process

All of Recover Brands apparel starts as recycled plastic bottles, including your Haygood T-shirts! Each shirt contains up to eight bottles’ worth of plastic.

  • After being processed, recycled bottles are turned into pellets, which are melted and turned into new fiber. 
  • Combining upcycled cotton with blended PET fibers, yarn is knitted into fabric. The fabric is dyed, cut and sewn into your Recover T-Shirt.

  • What’s better than sustainable clothing and organically grown hemp? Haygood swag! With Recover Brands, we have T-shirts available that are sustainable from the inside out—made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and representing our organically grown hemp and hemp products.

Just as Haygood leaders keep harmful chemicals out of their plants and the ground, Recover Brands diverts plastic bottles from landfills. Since the company’s 2010 founding, they’ve:


  • Diverted more than 12.5 million plastic bottles from landfills
  • Saved nearly 47 million kilowatt hours of energy
  • Saved more than 19 million pounds of CO2 emissions
  • Saved 3.26 billion gallons of water


“Recover Brands shares our commitment to sustainable business practices that are good for our planet,” says Llew Boyd, co-founder of Haygood Farms. “We’re excited Recover Brands and Haygood can work together and make it easier to support environmentally friendly products.”

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