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Haygood Farms CBD Oil

“I suffered from high anxiety, stress and a lot of related symptoms. Doctors would prescribe all sorts of chemical meds that seemed to either knock me out or make me feel weird. Since taking Haygood Farms CBD oil, my anxiety and stress levels have gone WAY down. AND it makes me feel good that I’m not taking a bunch of un-natural chemicals and meds.”

— Steve, Georgia

“Fighting with rheumatoid arthritis and other body aches and pains with opiates and other pain relievers made me feel addicted. Since I started taking your CBD oil, my muscles, joints – in fact, my entire body! – feels so much better. AND I don’t have to worry about being addicted! I just take it when I feel a bad episode coming on, maybe increase the dosage a little, but can (and do) stop when I’m feeling better. It’s a life-changer!”

— kelly, wisconsin

“My initial thought as I took my first drops of Haygood’s CBD oil? It tastes so pure! That’s what I like about it (plus the fact that it has reduced my overall discomfort, muscle pain and anxiousness.) It feels “right” taking it, like it’s a natural product… because it IS! I like feeling as though I’m taking something that isn’t going to be addictive, or somehow chemically imbalance me. It’s natural, and pure, and I can tell!”

— jessica, tennessee

“Haygood Farms CBD oil is GOOD! It doesn’t get me high, but it’s been great for my chronic pain and anxiety and stress. When my friends ask me about it, I tell them: “It’s just a good soother.” Because don’t we all need some soothing in our lives?”

— seth, utah

“I seriously don’t know how I survived the stress and anxiety I felt before my aunt – who is a nurse – introduced me to your product. What did I use before to manage my life? Smoking to calm my nerves. Drinking to relax me. Over-eating when I got really nervous or stressed. And pain meds – either from the doctor or from my “friends” – when the stress caused my muscles to ache. On a weekend visit, my nurse/aunt noticed my lifestyle. She said: “I’m telling you, point blank, as a health care professional: STOP KILLING YOURSELF.” She suggested your CBD oil product.
It worked! What’s my life like now? I just take the recommended dose of your CBD oil when I feel like I need it! I actually STOPPED smoking, I only drink socially, and I’ve lost weight, not just because I’ve stopped “stress eating”, but because I’m more active and feel less achy! Good stuff!”

— sue, tennessee

“Haygood Farms CBD is a product that I recommend to others. I currently take the 600mg every day. The main areas of my life that I have seen improvement are in regards to focus, anxiety, and sleep. I find that I can easily focus on more detailed tasks for greater amounts of time. In regards to anxiety, I find that I’m much more level headed and do not get concerned with minute areas of my life that I used to waste time thinking upon. Finally, I find that it is easier to go to sleep and wake up in the morning. These three areas of improvement have greatly enhanced my life and well being as I recommend Haygood Farms CBD to my friends and family all the time! ”

— thomas, georgia