Others have a process.

We Keep Our Promise.

This is where our process becomes our promise and our real difference maker.

Some unreliable products and shady practices have burned many a customer and shop owner. This is where our process becomes our promise and our real difference maker.

We believe how we do things is the thing. That’s why we control everything from the dirt, to cloning, to growing, to harvesting, to extracting, to packaging, to delivery. We are not required to rigorously and relentlessly exceed the industry standards. But we do. Because to us, quality is everything. It is our promise to make clean, safe, pure and potent products that are 100% what we say they are without compromise.

Haygood Farms hemp products are full-spectrum, or whole plant, meaning they provide a full profile of cannabinoid wellness benefits by utilizing a variety of cannabinoids including trace amounts of THC. An amount that’s well below the federal legal limit of .3%. So you get healthy, not high.

All our hemp oil comes from the exact same extraction process in the same facility, which ensures consistency.

From Dirt to Delivery

Step 1 – Baby Our Tennessee Dirt

If you’re picturing a couple of grown farmers playing in the dirt, you would be correct. They love stuff like ph balances, organic mixes and moisture levels. They have a healthy respect for Mother Nature while simultaneously trying to outsmart her. They’ve carefully honed this stage of their organic practices so as to give our proprietary seeds acres of dark, rich soil to do their thing.

Step 2 – Plant Organic Seeds

Not all seeds are created equal. We’ve spent a couple of years developing our own unique breed of seed, ultimately resulting in a phytocannabinoid-rich hemp. All while leveraging our state-of-the-art farming practices to ensure our products are safe, potent and consistently exceptional.

Step 3 – Hand Harvesting & Grain Alcohol Extraction

Our hemp is lovingly and carefully harvested by hand and hung out to dry. This part of the process is highly monitored to ensure the seed and seed oil quality are not compromised.

Safe and efficient, our food-grade extraction process results in a high-quality, premium, full-spectrum hemp oil containing everything you want and nothing you don’t.

Step 4 – Third Party Lab Testing

Every batch is rigorously tested by third-party labs for quality, purity and potency. We gladly share those test results for every batch with our customers.

Step 5 – Truth in Labeling

What you see is what you get. Period. Our label is our word. When it says 33.3 % CBD, you get 33.3% CBD. Nothing more, nothing less. Without exception every single one of our products is labeled 100% correctly so you get exactly what you pay for.

Step 6 – Delivery

Our pure, potent, premium products are honestly and beautifully packaged for safe delivery to stores, homes and happy customers everywhere.