Good Evenin’ CBD Gummies


Support a healthy nervous system with calming lavender and melatonin paired with L-theanine and Magnesium to promote energy production and possibly aid in reducing symptoms of depression.

16 gummies. Each serving contains 20mg of CBD.

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What CBD Gummies Are Good For

Supports a healthy nervous system Nurture your body, relax your mind, and increase your resistance to stress Adds mellow to your daily routine Reduce anxiety with full spectrum CBD and calming amino acid L-Theanine Includes Lavender & Melatonin  Helps encourage a restful night’s sleep by reacting with the receptors in the body

Key Ingredients

Our products are made with quality and wellness in mind, that’s why we are committed to clean and sustainable farming practices and use ingredients you can understand.

Melatonin & Lavender

This calming flower is used for psychological tension, migraine headaches associated with stress, relieving mild depression, inducing sleep, and relieving anxiety. In conjunction with Melatonin, both work to relax the body and encourage a good night’s rest.

Powerful Adapotgen Ashwagandha

This potent adaptogen helps the body adapt to stress, both energizing a fatigued nervous system and potentially reducing stress and anxiety. It may help reduce cortisol levels and blood sugar.

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD

Full-spectrum hemp CBD helps relax the mind and body to promote a healthy response to stress. Not only can it help to reduce tension and anxiety, but may also help aid in better sleep.

How to Use CBD Gummies

  • Use once per day in the evening.
  • Can be used more often, if needed.
  • Consistency is key for best results!

Why Choose Haygood Farms

Our promise is in our process. We control everything from the dirt, to cloning, to growing, to harvesting, to extracting, to packaging, to delivery because quality is everything. It’s our promise to make clean, safe, pure, and potent products that you’ll enjoy.

  • We take care of our Tennessee dirt and plant organic seeds
  • All products are lab tested by a third party
  • We hand harvest and use grain alcohol extraction
  • We believe in truth in labeling


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