Feel Good Immune Support Gummies


Our Feel Good Immune Support Gummies offer a supportive blend of zinc, vitamin C, elderberry and CBD for an immunity boost.
30 gummies. Each serving contains 20mg of CBD.

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What Immune Gummies Are Good For

Protect during cold season
Get a boost from elderberry extract, an herb that may reduce the duration of colds

Stress reduction
Gain a sense of calm and relaxation with a daily dose of Haygood full spectrum CBD

Powerful antioxidants
Benefit from quercetin, vitamin C and zinc, plus real fruit juice in a tasty immue gummy


Key Ingredients

Our Haygood Feel Good Immune Support Gummies combine full spectrum CBD with immune-boosting vitamins and elderberry for a powerful, all-natural daily immune gummy.

Real Fruit

Each immune gummy provides a burst of flavor from raspberry puree, organic strawberry-goji juice and organic fruit concentrate. Our immune gummies taste good and help you feel good!

Supportive Vitamins and Minerals

Ward off colds and infections with elderberry extract, which may shorten the duration of colds. Vitamin C and zinc give the immune system a boost, and quercetin delivers anti-inflammatory properties.

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD

With 20mg of Haygood full spectrum CBD per serving, immune gummies may help regulate the body’s immune responses, reduce inflammation, and provide a sense of calm, ease and relaxation.

CBD Capsules

How to Use CBD Gummies

  • Use one gummy per day.
  • Chew thoroughly before swallowing.
  • Take on a daily basis or during cold season.

Why Choose Haygood Farms

Our promise is in our process. We control everything from the dirt, to cloning, to growing, to harvesting, to extracting, to packaging, to delivery because quality is everything. It’s our promise to make clean, safe, pure, and potent products that you’ll enjoy.

  • We take care of our Tennessee dirt and
    plant organic seeds
  • All products are lab tested by a third party
  • We hand harvest and use grain alcohol extraction
  • We believe in truth in labeling

Customer Reviews

“This shipping was fast. The customer service was incredible. Haygood farms is a fantastic company & I cannot wait to rder more from them!”
– Rachel

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