CBN Sleep Gummy 15ct (5mg CBN / 25mg CBD)


Introducing our Sleep Gummies (15 ct): Enhance Your Sleep with 5mg CBN, 25mg CBD, Lavender, and Chamomile

Experience the restful slumber you’ve been dreaming of with our Sleep Gummies. Formulated to support a tranquil night’s sleep, each gummy contains a gentle blend of 5mg CBN (Cannabinol), 25mg CBD (Cannabidiol), and the soothing fragrances of Lavender and Chamomile.

Key Features:

  1. CBN and CBD Harmony: Our Sleep Gummies harness the power of CBN and CBD, two naturally occurring cannabinoids, to create a harmonious blend that promotes relaxation and helps you fall asleep faster.
  2. Lavender and Chamomile Aromatherapy: Lavender and Chamomile are renowned for their calming properties and pleasant aromas. These botanicals are included in our gummies to create a serene bedtime experience.
  3. 15 Convenient Gummies: Each package contains 15 gummies, providing you with a sufficient supply to establish a consistent sleep routine. Enjoy the convenience of a ready-to-use, sleep-supporting solution.
  4. No Grogginess: Unlike some sleep aids that leave you feeling groggy in the morning, our Sleep Gummies are designed to help you wake up refreshed and revitalized, ready to take on the day.
  5. Delicious and Discreet: Our gummies are not only effective but also delicious, making them an enjoyable part of your nightly routine. Plus, they’re discreet and easy to take, even when you’re on the go.

Rediscover the joy of a good night’s sleep and awaken rejuvenated. Let the gentle touch of CBN, CBD, Lavender, and Chamomile guide you into a peaceful slumber.

Upgrade your sleep quality with our Sleep Gummies (15 ct). Try them today and embrace the restorative power of natural ingredients for a more peaceful night’s rest.


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