CBDa/CBGa Immune Support Gummies


We’ve taken cold-pressed organic CBDa and CBGa and combined them with Zinc, Vitamin C, D, B6 & B12 all into one tasty bite. Enjoy the citrus flavors of pineapple, orange and guava while giving your body what it craves most!
30 gummies. Each serving contains 25mg of CBDa and 15mg CBGa. Total 1200mg cannabinoids per jar. 

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What Immune Gummies Are Good For

Protect and boost daily 
Benefit from the immune boosting benefits from Zinc

Long lasting energy
Gain a sense of natural energy from VItamin B6 & B12

Powerful antioxidants
Benefit from vitamin C in a tasty pineapple, orange, guava gummy


Key Ingredients

Our Haygood Feel Good Immune Support Gummies combine full spectrum CBD with immune-boosting vitamins and elderberry for a powerful, all-natural daily immune gummy.

Natural Energy

Each immune gummy provides a dose of B6 & B12 working to provide your body with sustained energy throughout the day. 

Supportive Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin C and zinc give the immune system a welcome boost to help you stay sharp. 

Organic CBDa/CBGa

With 25mg of CBDa and 15mg CBGa per serving, immune gummies may help regulate the body’s immune responses, reduce inflammation, and provide a sense sustained energy throughout the day.

CBD Capsules

How to Use CBD Gummies

  • Use one gummy per day.
  • Chew thoroughly before swallowing.
  • Take on a daily basis or during cold season.

Why Choose Haygood Farms

Our promise is in our process. We control everything from the dirt, to cloning, to growing, to harvesting, to extracting, to packaging, to delivery because quality is everything. It’s our promise to make clean, safe, pure, and potent products that you’ll enjoy.

  • We take care of our Tennessee dirt and
    plant organic seeds
  • All products are lab tested by a third party
  • We hand harvest and use grain alcohol extraction
  • We believe in truth in labeling

Customer Reviews

“This shipping was fast. The customer service was incredible. Haygood farms is a fantastic company & I cannot wait to rder more from them!”
– Rachel

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