Be Good Relaxation Capsules

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Calm your nervous system with Be Good Relaxation capsules that deliver beneficial botanicals and ashwagandha.


30 capsules. Each serving contains 30mg of CBD.

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Our Be Good capsules can help calm your nervous system and serve as your antidote to a stressful day.
With full spectrum hemp CBD from our farm and added botanicals
traditionally used to support a healthy nervous system, Be Good can help nurture your
body, relax your mind, and increase resistance to stress.Switch to calm and get a boost
of antioxidants with a daily regimen of Be Good.
Be Good Key Ingredients:
– Organic Ashwagandha, Passion Flower and Ginkgo biloba,
– Organic Lemon Balm Extract, L-theanine and Lavender Essential Oil
– Haygood’s Full Spectrum Hemp CBD (30mg per capsules)

(5 customer reviews)

5 reviews for Be Good Relaxation Capsules

  1. gralion torile

    Some really wonderful blog posts on this web site, appreciate it for contribution.

  2. Ron

    These capsules are a saving grace for me.

    I had no idea how bad my body was doing. I knew I was overly tired and just felt icky; but, I assumed that to be this time of year. After taking those for a two nights, I was able to clear my mind and take care of things that I had no idea were affecting me. This morning, I woke up feeling different. I can not define it yet; but, I woke up earlier, felt more rested, my brain feels more functional, and my body as a whole is just better.

    On an unexpected note, I have not had any kind of seizure event and my pain has been drastically less since starting them. I am even smoking drastically less marijuana while still feeling the same benefit.

    Thank you for that! I hate pharmaceuticals! I hate being forced to rely on them even more. This product not only replaces 2 pharmaceuticals, it works better than they ever could.

  3. Robin (verified owner)

    These actually work. I have tried CBD products before with out seeing a difference of any kind. I started taking these at lunch at work to help calm me down and deal with a stressful day. I saw that I was more calm and was able to get through my day without feeling like I was going to have a breakdown. On days that I know are going to be bad, I’ll get take an extra one when I wake up. There are no weird side affects like THC products. I highly recommend this for anxiety and stress. This is the only CBD product I have ever tried that worked.

  4. Kensi (verified owner)

    These little capsules have helped me so much not only on the days that I feel a bit more stressed but also my sleep!! My sleep has always been awful and melatonin was not my jam I always woke up groggy and had headaches so when I started to take CBD oil instead, I noticed a difference but I was not a fan how the oil tasted and that’s how I came across these capsules and they have been a game changer! There is no taste to these and they are so easy to travel with and have made my sleep 10x better! Definitely will be restocking on these once a month!

  5. Shannon

    OK straight up honest review this year these be good relaxation capsules Did so much for me and just like with the CBD Oil I was very scepticalBut I take these capsules and it helps me relax and sleep at night and when my anxiety is high it helps calm my anxiety.. I really enjoy these capsules you can’t go wrong with them.

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