Our Mission

Haygood Farms provides premium hemp products to help individuals improve their quality of life with Good Clean Fun.

About Haygood

Haygood Farms was created by friends and brothers who found relief from hemp and hemp-based products and wanted to help others find the same. Founded in 2017, Haygood seeks to produce high-quality organic industrial hemp.

Our goal has always been to provide hemp and hemp products that improve your quality of life. 

We’re focused on Good, Clean Fun.

GOOD—Good people with a commitment to quality

With a passion for healing plants like cannabis and an interest in sustainable farming practices, we set out to grow hemp and help people. Our farm, located in the picturesque Sequatchie Valley outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee, allows us to do just that—produce high-quality hemp and hemp products that we control from dirt to delivery. 

CLEAN—Clean products and organically grown hemp

Our industrial hemp is certified organic, and we maintain a rigorous commitment to clean and sustainable farming practices. From the dirt we till to the organic fertilizers we use to care for our plants, our founders and farmers go the extra mile to grow the best organic hemp.

We focus on strong genetics, reputable partners for sourcing product ingredients, and an ingredient list you can understand with botanicals and organic, full-spectrum hemp. View our lab results here.

FUN—Find relief from hemp and fuel adventures 

Our hometown of Chattanooga thrives outside, known for its biking, hiking, paddling, running and adventure-seeking community. 

While relief from adventures fueled our start in hemp farming, our passion for helping others find relief for everyday aches and pains, chronic illnesses, stress and anxiety, and sleep keeps us going. By creating high-quality plant-based hemp products, we hope to give you relief so you can enjoy the things you love the most.

We hope that with Haygood you can find fun doing what you love. 


Our Difference

Meticulous control. That is what differentiates us from the ever-growing pack of green-rushers who want to sell anything and everything hemp. From dirt to delivery we take extreme care to ensure every single milliliter of what we produce is perfect. So you, our discerning, health-woke customer absorbs every single milliliter of awesome you deserve. And that my friend is a difference that leads to a very good life.