Haygood Farm

From Dirt To Delivery

We focus on strong genetics, reputable partners for sourcing product ingredients, and an ingredient list you can understand with botanicals and organic, full-spectrum hemp. View our lab results here.

Our Process


Some unreliable products and shady practices have burned many a customer and shop owner. This is where our process becomes our promise and our real difference maker.

We believe how we do things is the thing. That’s why we control everything from the dirt, to cloning, to growing, to harvesting, to extracting, to packaging, to delivery. We are not required to rigorously and relentlessly exceed the industry standards. But we do. Because to us, quality is everything. It is our promise to make clean, safe, pure and potent products that are 100% what we say they are without compromise.

Tennessee Soil

Plant Organic Seeds

Hand Harvesting & Grain Alcohol Extraction

About Haygood

At Haygood, we are dedicated to enhancing well-being through potent, delicious, and safe plant-based products.

Crafted in-house in our food-grade certified facilities, every batch is accurately dosed and third-party tested to ensure the highest quality. We prioritize environmental responsibility with eco-friendly packaging and commit to making health accessible through affordable pricing.

At Haygood, we don’t just create products — we elevate lives through the holistic power of plants.

Our Difference

Meticulous control. That is what differentiates us from the ever-growing pack of green-rushers who want to sell anything and everything hemp. From dirt to delivery we take extreme care to ensure every single milliliter of what we produce is perfect. So you, our discerning, health-woke customer absorbs every single milliliter of awesome you deserve. And that my friend is a difference that leads to a very good life.