Our Winning Lineup

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Our Winning Lineup

Haygood is Growing!

Introducing New Haygood Capsules and Muscle Freeze


Play Good, Stay Good, and Be Good bring new delivery methods for Haygood’s cannabis products. 

This year has been full of ups and downs, and the cannabis industry hasn’t been spared from fluctuations. That makes our big announcement even more significant — the Haygood product lineup is GROWING!

Just as we continue to hone our craft and growing processes for delivering organic hemp across the country, we also strive to bring additional cannabis products that can help reduce pain, increase a sense of calm, and boost your immunity. Meet our new products — Be Good, Stay Good, and Play Good — to keep you grounded, support your immune system, and ease everyday aches and pain.

“These products combine our hemp CBD grown organically in the Sequatchie Valley with the highest quality botanicals available,” says Haygood Co-Founder Llew Boyd. “We’ve had a lot of demand for different products, and we’re excited to build our offerings with the same attention to quality that we’ve demonstrated since our founding in 2017.”

Stay Good and Be Good: Boost Immunity and Stay Calm with Haygood Capsules

Our two capsules—Be Good for calm and Stay Good for immunity—bring a one-two punch. Get the relaxing benefits of Haygood’s organic hemp CBD extract with added, high-quality botanicals that keep you feeling and functioning at your best. Compared to our Haygood hemp extract oils, which are taken sublingually, these Haygood capsules are discreet and easy to add to your daily routine and while providing systemic support.

Be Good


Calm your nervous system with Be Good capsules, your antidote to a stressful day. With 30mg of high strength, full spectrum hemp CBD from our farm and added botanicals traditionally used to support a healthy nervous system, Be Good can help nurture your body, releax your mind, and increase resistance to stress.

Each capsule is packed with stress-busting botanicals, including ashwagandha, passion flower, gingko biloba, lemon balm, L-theanine, and more.

Stay Good

This powerful blend of medicinal mushrooms and CBD can give your immune system and brain a boost! Packed with antioxidants, our Stay Good Immunity capsules can help increase energy and stamina, manage blood sugar, and support the nervous system. 

With a proprietary blend of reishi, chaga and maitake mushroom extracts, Vitamin C and quercetin, plus our full spectrum hemp CBD, these caps are a welcome boost to your daily routine.


Play Good: A Haygood Topical You’ll Love


Our Haygood full spectrum salve has been a bestseller, in every scent, since we introduced it. Topicals help address pain or inflammation in a specific area, while capsules and tinctures work systemically to reduce pain, minimize stress or anxiety, and boost sleep.

We know that using CBD can be a powerful supplement to any athlete’s routine or supportive for individuals suffering from injuries or chronic pain. Find immediate relief from aches and pains with Play Good Muscle Freeze, a CBD-packed roll on that provides cooling, quick relief. 

Our Dirt to Delivery commitment is truer than ever as we expand our products. We use only the highest quality ingredients, organic whenever possible, so you can be confident in the safety of our products and minimize the impact on our environment.

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