How to Survive Mercury in Retrograde 2022

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Have you been worried about what Mercury in retrograde 2022 might bring? You are not alone. People across the globe are tuned into the direction of Mercury’s path, astrology and many other similar studies more than ever before. The renaissance of these types of studies has created a billion-dollar industry with brands like Co-Star and Sanctuary leading the charge to provide mobile apps that keep us up to date on the planetary happenings, including Mercury in Retrograde 2022! 


Check out some statistics that illustrate just how popular and mainstream it has become:

  • A Pew Research Center survey of American adults released last year found that 37 percent of women and 20 percent of men said they believed in astrology.
  • According to the New York Times, Mercury retrograde as a go-to phrase to describe things going wrong has become commonplace in the American vernacular.
  • Google reports that in the early 2010s, searches for phrases like “mercury retrograde” and “is mercury in retrograde” began sharply increasing. In 2022, those terms trend at three times more popular than they were in 2010.


If you are worried about Mercury in retrograde 2022 or just want to learn more about what it all means, you’ve dropped by the right place. At Haygood Farms, although we love to keep our feet on the ground, we also have our eyes on the skies with your guide to surviving Mercury in retrograde 2022 and beyond. 


Everything You Need To Breeze Through Mercury Retrograde 2022


First, let’s learn what Mercury retrograde 2022 is all about.

Unless you live under a social media-free rock, you’ve seen a few memes blaming life’s challenges, both big and small, on Mercury in retrograde. But what does it all really mean outside the meme-sphere? Here are the facts:

  • By definition – Three or four times each year, the planet Mercury begins to move in an opposite direction to planet Earth. In non-retrograde, planets move from east to west around the sun. When Mercury turns to move from west to east instead, that’s when Mercury is considered to be in retrograde. The Mercury retrograde 2022 dates are January 13 to February 3, May 10 to June 2, September 9 to October 1 and December 28 to January 18 (2023).


  • The illusion controversy – Many mainstream scientists dismiss the idea of Mercury in retrograde being a real thing because, in reality, the backward movement is an illusion. It can be compared to the feeling you get when you are in a car on the highway and you pass a train that’s moving slower than you. The slowing down of. Mercury at these key times creates the illusion that it is moving in retrograde.  


  • The effects – Regardless of the true path of Mercury, astrologers believe that when this slowing down takes place, there is a tangible impact on life here on Earth. In astrology, Mercury governs communication, travel and learning. Mercury in retrograde gets blamed for things like:
    • Relationship miscommunication 
    • Technological bugs 
    • Botched business deals
    • Missed flights
    • Car problems
    • And more 


Learn the basic dos and don’ts of riding out Mercury in retrograde.



  • Remember that Mercury in retrograde is not all bad. It can be a great time to slow down the pace of life and even reflect or regroup. 
  • Take things slower. Be more thoughtful about your decisions and behavior. Avoid rash decisions.
  • Do take a few extra precautions (that are good to do anyway) like protecting electronics (phone in its case, water bottle far away from your laptop, save important docs), double-checking flight times and avoiding relationship-defining decisions.



  • Don’t get too worried about it. Your worry can cause stress which is not good either. Just take things day by day, using an extra dose of caution.
  • Don’t make big decisions or enter into impactful contracts if you can avoid it.
  • Don’t reach out to your toxic ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. (Probably best to think on it for a while).

Tips to help ease the unease. 

During Mercury Retrograde 2022 periods, you can sail through with greater ease by making a few upgrades to your daily routine with the help of Haygood Farms’ line of all-natural products.

Relax with Delta 8.

Haygood Farms offers a variety of Delta 8 products, including gummies and cartridges. Incorporating Delta 8 into your Mercury Retrograde 2022 wellness plan can help you slow down, take things in stride and avoid the stress that can often accompany this time period.





Calm down with CBD.

Mercury retrograde can increase our anxiety levels, stress levels which can all lead to things like insomnia, lack of focus and more. CBD is a great way to counteract these symptoms. Shop Haygood Farms’ complete line of CBD products ranging from gummies to oils to salves.

Take a full-spectrum point of view.

If a full-spectrum gummy is on your radar to help you navigate the choppy waters of this Mercury retrograde, be sure to check out Haygood Farms’ three delicious flavors.



During times of stress, i.e. Mercury retrograde 2022, you may find it helpful to amp up your natural wellness regimen – and CBD and Delta 8 can be great tools to combat the fallout. Be sure to choose well-vetted, high quality products like the ones you’ll always find when shopping at Haygood Farms


Haygood Farms. founded in 2017, is dedicated to sustainably farming, purely producing and bringing high-quality organic industrial hemp to market with the goal of letting our customers relax knowing that the purity and quality are taken care of. They can just focus on finding the tools to  improve your quality of life. Or, in this case, get through Mercury retrograde 2022 with as least stress as possible. 


Start compiling your Mercury retrograde 2022 survival kit now!

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