Haygood + Hemp Rolls: High-Quality Hemp in an Accessible Format

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Haygood + Hemp Rolls

        High-Quality Hemp in an               Accessible Format

Methods of hemp and CBD consumption vary by preference: whether you choose CBD tinctures, edibles like gummies, or loose hemp flower is largely dependent on your individual needs. 

Now, through a vital partnership with Hemp Rolls, you can find Haygood Farm’s Sequatchie Valley-grown, USDA certified organic hemp in a pre-rolled, filtered format that smokes like a cigarette without the regret — or addictive nicotine. 

Incredible Flavor, Organic Hemp

David Powers founded Hemp Rolls after watching the cannabis legalization process on the west coast. He always dreamed of creating an alternative to traditional cigarettes, and when he was approached by Haygood Farms founders to fill that dream with organically grown hemp, it was a perfect match. 

Powers and Haygood founders worked to match terpenes, or flavor profiles, from three to four strains of cannabis grown at Haygood Farms. The combination creates a consistent flavor palette. With less than .3% total THC content, Hemp Rolls, like all Haygood hemp, will not get users “high.” Furthermore, each cigarette contains almost 90 milligrams of CBD. Smoking flower — like in Hemp Rolls — can more quickly deliver the potential pain-relieving properties of cannabis compared with consuming a tincture or edible.

“Many people who smoke cigarettes are looking for a long-term alternative to tobacco,” Powers says. “Hemp Rolls are a non-addictive, high-CBD alternative that enable smokers to get the satisfaction they seek without addictive compounds, additives, or a high.”

Powers and Hemp Rolls have created easily identifiable packaging, with new versions coming down the pipeline including lights, full-flavor, and platinum packs. With an industrial roller, Hemp Rolls maintains consistent quality — and because of Haygood, consumers can trust that each Hemp Roll contains the highest quality, organic hemp grown in one location.

A Cut Above

Through the partnership with Haygood, Hemp Rolls distinguishes its product from other pre-rolls and hemp cigarettes available on the market. Packed with certified organic hemp sourced exclusively from Haygood, Hemp Rolls boast high-quality flower and no additives or synthetic terpenes or flavors. 

“We’re excited that through our partnership with Hemp Rolls, we’re able to scale up farming production while so many other new farms are facing uncertainty with their crops,” says Llew Boyd, co-founder of Haygood Farms. “Hemp Rolls are sold at an attractive price point compared with other CBD products, making them approachable to a wide range of consumers.”

The story of Haygood Farms and its commitment to the highest quality, USDA certified organic hemp rings true more than ever, especially as the co-founders establish solid relationships that deliver a diverse roster of products through partnerships like the one with Hemp Rolls. 

“Haygood Farms, with their outstanding business and farming practices, is the biggest differentiator for Hemp Rolls,” Powers says. “While other producers may be sourcing hemp from across the country for pre-rolls and cigarettes, Haygood is a hemp grower you can trust. You can see the farm, you can see how it’s grown, and you can see their organic farming practices in action.”

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