Haygood Farms Year in Review: Growing the Greens

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Haygood Farms Year in Review: Growing the Greens

If there’s one thing we’re grateful for at Haygood Farms, it’s the ability to combine our passions — for plants and playing in the dirt — with a product that helps you, our customers.

That passion, and our hemp crops, have come a long way since our start in 2017. As we pieced together the necessary components to starting a commercial farm, including building greenhouses, preparing our fields, and pursuing necessary licensure, our vision remains the same. We’re committed to providing the purest CBD oil, grown organically right outside of Chattanooga, from dirt to delivery.

This year marked our second full harvest since starting, and while we faced many challenges throughout the year, we still harvested more than 30 acres of hemp.

Here’s what we’re focused on for the New Year:

> Preparing for next year’s crops. We are continuing to build out greenhouse space and getting stock plants ready for next year. While this year’s harvest is drying in more than 70,000 square feet of storage space and the bulk of our outdoor activities have wound down, the farming doesn’t stop. Plants grow more slowly in the winter, so we put extra time and attention into establishing these crucial stock plants that ensure our success next year. 

> Establishing strong genetics. The hemp industry has exploded, and so has the demand for genetics. We’re excited to partner with a highly sought after geneticist this winter on the west coast. This partnership will help solidify our crops as compliant with state regulations and further distinguish our hemp for our customers. 

> Space, space, space! While the day-to-day farming operations continue, we are constantly working to have enough space — for plants in the greenhouses and for plants drying after harvest. 

> Securing strong retailer relationships. While I focus on farming and managing our crops and fields, Llew is carving out space for our products. He’s the brains and brawn behind our marketing and product placement in reputable stores. This has been a busy year, and we’re looking forward to a great 2020 — we’re grateful for our clients and customers’ continued support.

Most importantly, we couldn’t have started Haygood Farms without our family, friends, and customers. Here’s to making it through the winter so we can get back to the reason we started Haygood — digging in the dirt and growing the best hemp around.

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