Find A Spring In Your Step With Haygood

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Find a Spring in Your Step with Haygood


The days are longer and light is returning! Welcome the change in season with a refresh for your mind and body with some of Haygood’s spring essentials. 


Pick a Haygood product to suit your mood, the weather, and good company—we have some ideas for the perfect spring outing. 


Sip Delta 8 Mocktails

Our essential oil-flavored delta 8 tinctures are perfect for pairing and seasonal sips. Boost your mood with mocktails instead of cocktails. Try a Lemon-Lime Delta 8 Tincture tonic—combine your favorite sparkling water with a few drops of our Lemon-Lime Delta 8 Tincture for an uplifting springtime mocktail.


If you’re new to delta 8 tinctures, check your dosing. In general, when you’re trying a new Haygood product, start with a low dose—half a dropperful or less—and go slowly. You can always add more later. Read more about Haygood Delta 8 Tinctures here.

Share Delta 8 Gummies

Haygood delta 8 gummies are discreet and can pack a punch. Headed for a picnic or a day in the park? Pack a bag of Haygood Assorted Delta 8 Gummies that let you sample the rainbow of our tasty vegan delta 8 gummies—blue raspberry, sweet watermelon, green apple, and blood orange.

Start Small with Full Spectrum Plus Gummies

Ready for something new? Haygood’s Full Spectrum Plus Gummies deliver the dynamic, balancing benefits of CBD and Delta 9 in these tasty gummies. Read more about our CBD:THC ratios.

Have you tried microdosing, or consuming just small doses at a time? These gummies are a great starting point! Try 1/4 of a gummy to take things down a notch and relax. High CBD and low THC products offer a potentially clear head while still promoting reduced stress, less anxiety, and pain relief. 


Savor the Flavor in Artisan Cartridges

Haygood crafted Artisan Delta 8 Cartridge with cannabis-derived terpenes are the antidote to the daily grind. Get outside on your favorite trail or on your paddleboard and include one of these cartridges in your pack—these tasty terpene-forward cartridges are the perfect companion for a day in nature. Enhance your mood and ground yourself while you’re outside.

Stay Good with Haygood

When spring energizes our daily habits and activities, it’s vital to round out our wellness routines with non-intoxicating mushrooms and CBD. Haygood Stay Good Capsules do just that—help you stay good! Let reishi, chaga and maitake medicinal mushrooms support your brain while turmeric, vitamin C and zinc deliver anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. Try before your next yoga class for some added calm and focus!


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