Delta 8- What’s All The Hype About?

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Everyone’s Talking About Delta 8 THC – What’s the Story?

Delta 8 THC is all-the-buzz for those paying attention to the newest trends in the CBD marketplace. Just because it’s a hot topic these days, doesn’t mean we know exactly what it is. If you’ve been pondering the question, “What is Delta 8 THC?” – look no further, you’re about to get the schooling you need to understand the in’s and outs of the CBD industry’s newest darling.

Defining Delta 8 THC:

So, we start at the start – a definition. Delta 8 is a compound that is featured front and center in our newsfeed these days. It’s a chemical derived from the hemp plant and brings vast potential benefits to its users. Delta 8 is similar to the popular Delta 9 THC in that both can provide feelings of euphoria. Although Delta 8 is considered by most users to be much more mild in its effect than Delta 9, it has the same powerful benefits offered by CBD.

One of the best ways to understand Delta 8 is to put it in a side-by-side comparison with the Delta 9.

Delta 8

  • Contains THC but not as much as Delta 9
  • Can create mild feelings of euphoria 
  • Is considered legal even in states where recreational THC is not legal
  • Binds to the body’s endocannabinoid system better than CBD
  • Perfect for those seeking a lighter high or who can’t access THC products in their area


Delta 9

  • Contains more THC
  • Is the common compound used to get “high”
  • Is not legal in many states for recreational or medicinal uses
  • Binds to the body’s endocannabinoid system better than CBD
  • Can cause negative effects for some, such as anxiety or paranoia



Understanding the legalities of Delta 8 versus Delta 9:

Any conversation about THC products would be incomplete without dabbling into the ever-changing legalities. Here’s what we know. Delta 8 is a byproduct of the hemp plants, and as such, was made legal under the sweeping 2018 farm bill that legalized hemp plants that contain less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC. This opened the door for access in states where Delta 9 is not yet legal for recreational and/or medicinal purposes.

Quantifying the “high”:

The most frequently asked question about Delta 8 is, “Will it get me high?” The answer – yes but not as much. It’s a more mild high than Delta 9. The mild euphoric feeling of Delta 8 is less intense without the paranoia and confusion often found with Delta 9. 

Outlining the benefits of Delta 8:

Delta 8 is a bit like the best of all three worlds. The benefits associated with CBD? Check, Delta 8 has those. The euphoric feeling found in Delta 9? Check, Delta 8 has that, however in a milder capacity. The paranoia and anxiety that is sometimes accompanied by THC-based Delta 9? Nope, Delta 8 doesn’t typically cause that. 

Some of the conditions that Delta 8 helps to combat along with CBD and Delta 9 include :


  • Appetite Stimulant – Anti-Nausea
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic Pain
  • Joint Pain 
  • Relaxation/Stress Reduction

Determining which Delta 8 THC is right for you :

With any product that contains THC, it’s always recommended that you start “low and slow.” Or in other words, start with a low concentration and break yourself in slowly to see you react to things. Delta 8 comes in many forms that are sure to fit your lifestyle, your needs and your goals from terpenes that can be inhaled to deliciously flavored gummies that are digestible.

Your source of Delta 8 is an important consideration as well. Just like any supplement, food or medicine you consume, it goes without saying that you want only the best quality for your system. (Or, I guess, we did just say it.) The source, the purity, the production process, the quality assurance – it all matters in your choice of Delta 8 CBD. That’s where Haygood Farms shines.

Our focus over here at Haygood is on good, clean fun. Isn’t everyone’s? But here’s what we mean when we say that…


GOOD Good people with a commitment to quality:

Haygood Farms is made up of a team of people with a passion for healing plants like cannabis and an interest in sustainable farming practices. We believe deeply that the products we harvest can bring good things to people’s lives. Our farm, located in the picturesque Sequatchie Valley outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee, is where the magic happens. We work alongside Mother Nature to bring high-quality hemp and hemp products from dirt to delivery.

CLEAN Clean products and organically grown hemp:

We’ve made it our mission to become a name synonymous with clean and sustainable farming practices. With tender loving care, our founders and farmers work tirelessly to bring our customer certified organic products that they can wholeheartedly trust are the best quality.

FUN- Find relief from hemp and fuel adventures:

Haygood Farms homebase, Chattanooga, is known for its thriving outdoor community. We love to spend time outside biking, hiking, paddling, running and seeking adventure. The fun part of our vision is to use our passion for hemp farming to help others find relief from common ailments that could limit their unique version of fun.