New Work Schedule? CBD Pet Drops Can Help Your Pup Adjust.

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CBD pet drops are the perfect way to ease your dog into your new work schedule. The world’s workplace was completely altered in early 2020 due to the pandemic and its aftermath. Adding to that, Americans added new pets to their families in large numbers. More than 23 million American households adopted a pet during the pandemic, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). 


While many of these pet owners remain in a remote environment, the vast majority are heading back to the onsite location. The events of 2020 were challenging and isolating to most of us, there was one group that benefited – our pets. Our dogs were thrilled to have their owners home day in and day out. They soon grew used to having extra walks, lots of couch cuddles and more attention than they’d ever dreamed of. But now, here we are, loading up our briefcases and turning off the Zoom camera on our way back to work. 


CBD pet drops can help ease the transition for your pets by:

  • Reducing separation anxiety
  • Keeping pets calm as they adjust to their new schedules
  • Alleviating any aches and pains that they might be dealing with

The How-To’s Of Getting Your Dog Started with CBD Pet Drops:


How CBD pet drops benefits dogs:

While the research around CBD for both humans and canines is still ongoing, many positive reports have already supported what many pet owners already know. CBD pet drops can offer a wide range of benefits to dogs. CBD pet drops have been shown to:

  • Improve mood and behavior (overall)
  • Reduce obsessive behavior related to separation anxiety
  • Reduce inflammation and pain related to a variety of health issues
  • Provide calming and relaxing properties


How to decide If your dog needs CBD pet drops

As you prepare to get back to the office in person again, you’ll need to consider the impact it may have on your dog who will now need to adjust to not having  you around 24/7. It’s important for you as the pet owner to be honest about your dog’s personality and pay close attention to cues that an anxiety or stress response might be pending. 

Cues that your dog might benefit from CBD pet drops when you head back to work:

  • Crying, whimpering or barking when you leave him/her alone for short amounts of time

  • Acting out behavior – like chewing up shoes or digging into the trash when you are away

  • Obsessive behavior – biting his or her paws or licking their own paws, for example

  • Aggressive behavior – biting, barking or growling at others 


Tips for getting your pet ready for you going back to work.

  • Take a test drive. Before the whole family heads back to the nine-five grind, it’s a good idea to do some test runs with your dog and see how he/she fares. Longer trips away from home starting at two to three hours and then extending slowly to an eight hour time frame will help with the adjustment period. This slow immersion will also help you assess how your pet is coping.


  • Talk to the vet. If you already know your dog has a propensity toward anxiety, you can be proactive and have a talk with your vet to get some tips on making the transition easier for your furry friend.


  • Explore CBD pet drops. A natural tool exists to help your pet handle the shock of not having you around so much – CBD pet drops. This natural supplement interacts with the dog’s natural system to create a calming to their nervous systems, allowing them to be alone without worry, anxiety or stress.


How To Choose a CBD pet drop:

Like most supplements, CBD pet drops vary in potency, purity and quality. Of course, you want only the best for your loyal four-legged companion, so here’s what you need to know to choose the very best CBD pet drop:

  • Look at the ingredient list. It should be easy to understand and without lots of unnecessary fillers or chemicals.

  • Seek out a company that cares. It should be easy to tell that the company who produces the CBD pet drops cares about quality and results from their mission statement, online reviews and company goals.

  • Research the third-party audits. A reputable producer of CBD pet drops will have an independent audit of its product for consumers to review and ensure that the production of the CBD is up to the highest standards.


Haygood Farms is your source for a wide variety of CBD and hemp-based products, including high quality CBD pet drops to keep your dog calm and relaxed as he or she adjusts to your return to the workplace. Check out some of our pet owners’ favorites:


  • Good Dog Snacks – Calm – Our Good Dog Snacks are CBD pet drops infused with 6mg full spectrum CBD oil to  promote a sense of calm and help soothe anxious dogs. These soft chews taste good to dogs and bring on a wealth of calming benefits.


  • Comfort Pet Drops – Our Comfort CBD Pet Drops are a blend of full spectrum CBD and organic MCT oil to benefit animals of all ages, from puppy to geriatrics. Providing a sense of calm and soothing aches and pains to keep your dog happy even when he or she is all alone.

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