Everything You Need To Know About CBD For Your Pet

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CBD products are not just all-the-rage for humans, they are also an extremely popular choice for the wellness of our pets. Pet care products such as hemp dog treats and CBD pet drops are in the toolkit of pet owners seeking the best for their pets. The CBD wellness trend for pet care can bring a range of benefits to your pet, including:

    • Anxiety
    • Allergies
    • Pain Management
    • Seizure Control
    • Anti-inflammation

    • And More

    Your beloved pets, from dogs to cats to horses, may find that adding CBD products to their health and wellness regimen to be a game changer. Let’s explore some of the many benefits that hemp-based and CBD supplements for pets offer.

      The Scoop On CBD For Your Pet

      The Skinny on the Endocannabinoid System – You and your dog have a lot in common. It’s not just that you both like to go for long walks together and cuddle on the couch. You are both mammals. You have this in common with your feline friends and your equestrian friends as well. And as such, you all have an endocannabinoid system. This system affects your brain, skin, heart, eyes, stomach and even your mood. As we know pets’ moods can lead to separation anxiety, aggressive behavior and obsessive compulsive behaviors (like biting their own paws)

      Just like you, your pet’s endocannabinoid system affects their whole body. The interesting thing about CBD for pets is that the plants it is derived from (hemp and cannabis) contain the same Endocannabinoid System and cannabinoids found in the mammal’s body – like a mirror image. This is why CBD drops for pets and hemp-based pet care products have such a wide range of benefits and positive effects.

        • CBD For Dogs – CBD products have been used for a variety of conditions that are common to dogs. Most commonly, dog owners are turning to CBD and hemp-based supplements to treat anxieties (such as separation anxiety which is common in dogs), skin allergies and chronic pain due to untreated injuries or structural deformities. Some studies have even linked CBD to relief for canine epilepsy and osteoarthritis. From dog treats to CBD oils, you can increase your furry best friend’s overall health and wellbeing by adding CBD to his or her healthcare regimen.  

        • CBD For Cats – Cats can be quirky and are nothing if not independent, but if your cat starts to act in ways that aren’t normal to them such as showing signs of digestive problems, mobility issues, lethargy and/or over-vocalization, a trip to the vet might be in order. Many cat owners are exploring CBD and hemp-based options to improve upon the overall wellbeing of their feline family members. CBD pet drops are a go-to product for cat owners who see their cats struggling with health issues, such as anxiety, seizures, cancer and issues and pain caused by inflammation. While the CBD has been widely studied for use in humans and dogs, few cat-centric studies exist. Anecdotal evidence, however, points to the effectiveness of CBD for cats as well as a high level of safety – making CBD pet drops an excellent, gentle and natural choice for overall well being of the cats in our lives. 

        • CBD For Horses – There are few studies detailing the use of CBD for horses, but one coming out Texas A&M aims to do just that. With a focus on how CBD affects inflammation, stress and stereotypical negative behaviors in horses, horse owners are looking for natural alternatives to add to their horses’ wellness programs to keep their beloved pets feeling well and living healthy.

        CBD Pet Care Product Breakdown – Anytime you add a supplement to your diet or that of one of your beloved family members’ diets, you need to do your research. There’s an influx of pet-targeted Hemp-based and CBD products in today’s marketplace, but not all are created equal. And, obviously, you only want the best for your dog, cat or horse. So, how do you find the best CBD products for your pets? Here are some tips:

          • Know the right dosage. Your mini poodle will require a different dosage than your Doberman Pinscher or your full size horse. As with any supplement, it’s essential to take the right amount for your  pet’s size and needs. A conversation with your veterinarian is a good place to start to lay out the dosage and any other topics that you want to address before getting started with CBD as part of your pet’s wellness program.

          • Know the best way to administer. It’s going to be important that your pet takes in all the goodness that his or her CBD has to offer. CBD pet drops allow you to put CBD directly into your pet’s mouth or into the food. CBD pet drop added to food will, however, take longer to metabolize than when it is applied directly to the mouth.


          • Feel Good Immune Support CBD Gummies – These botanically infused gummies are made with real fruit and 20mg of organically grown Full Spectrum CBD. They taste delicious and offer a powerhouse of immune support. Add a high dose of antioxidants and the power of CBD to your wellness regimen that includes pure quality Full Spectrum Hemp CBD and key ingredients such as Elderberry Extract, Quercetin, Raspberry Puree, Organic Strawberry-Goji Juice, Organic Beet Sugar, Organic Tapioca Syrup Natural E Oils.
          • CBD Pet Drops – These concentrated CBD tinctures come in three varieties (Comfort, Rally and Mend) to suit the specific needs of your pet. Whether you are looking to boost health or simply prevent the host of issues that can be associated with aging, CBD pet drops are an excellent choice for the wellbeing of your pet.

          Adding CBD to your pet’s diet can help to alleviate symptoms ranging from anxiety to chronic inflammation, and can also be used to enhance overall health. Haygood Farms, located in Tennessee’s picturesque Sequatchie Valley, prides itself on quality, organic and sustainable farming methods and the production of potent and pure products. From CBD products for humans to those for the animals that grace our lives with so much joy, you can count on the purity you’ll find in each and every Haygood Farms product. 


          Explore CBD Pet Care Products Now.

            Haygood Farms, located in Sequatchie Valley outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee is the place where it all began. In 2017, with a passion for organic hemp farming and helping people, the founders launched a business that has blossomed from a vision into an established brand customers can trust.

            We invite you to start your journey to better overall health today.

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