Are You Good at Math? Breaking Down Optimal CBD:Delta 9 Ratios

Delta 9 gummies are everyone’s favorite way to consume Delta 9, but does that mean math has to be their strong suit? Well, no math doesn’t have to be your forte, but the ratio of CBD to Delta 9 in your Delta 9 gummies does matter. Whether you are looking at oils or gummies, you’ll want to tune into this comparison of ratios and how they iThere’s a flurry of new numbers on marijuana product labels, and the ratios can feel like a confusing math problem.


But there is a reason behind the process, even if numbers aren’t your favorite thing. You might have already noticed packaging for your Delta 9 gummies, vape oils and tinctures displaying numbers such as 18:1, 4:1 or 1:1. These ratios are telling you the amount of CBD in relation to the amount of THC.

Seeking the Perfect Delta 9 Gummies? Do The Math!

 The Back Story

In states where marijuana is legal for medical and/or recreational use, attention paid to these ratios has been on the rise. And, it’s for good reason CBD and THC have different effects, different uses and serve unique purposes based on what your body needs. Let’s refresh our memory banks regarding the differences between CBD and THC:

  • CBD does not get you high; THC does.

  • CBD has many therapeutic properties that make using it in higher concentrated doses beneficial.

  • Cannabis strains vary in THC concentration ranging from 18-20%, while CBD is less than 1%.

It might seem a little overwhelming, or even unfair, to start throwing ratios and numbers at us – as if sifting through the hundreds of types of Delta 9 gummies wasn’t already hard enough. (Now we have to go back to math class? /sigh) But tune in, you might want to hear this one. We promise there is no algebra involved.. 


The Current Trends

The current trend is to turn the ratio around. Up until recently, the growing industry was focused on producing the highest THC. That hasn’t necessarily disappeared but the market has shifted to look for THC products that are also CBD-rich.


      The Why Behind The Demand for CBD-rich 

      CBD-rich products are dominating the market because people are seeing the benefits they have to offer. CBD users find relief from chronic conditions like anxiety, arthritis, seizures, stress, inflammation, pain and overall wellness. CBD-rich products are especially popular with those seeking relief but not seeking the high that comes with THC products.


          The Ratio Rationale

          It’s new territory, this cannabinoid ratio stuff. But it is identifiable that THC and CBD differ in the way they impact the human body.  Here’s the skinny:

          THC binds with the CB1 receptor in the brain, while CBD binds with the CB2 receptor while at the same blocking CB1 receptors from binding with THC. 

          The result? CBD has the ability to decrease some of the things that THC users don’t like such as anxiety, paranoia and psychoactivity.

          To help you as you interpret the label on your Delta 9 gummies, remember this rule of thumb – the ratio is always CBD:THC. Milligram:milligram – so it’s a relatively simple math equation. No sweat!



            The Right Ratio

            Yes, we knew your next question would be this. (What is the best ratio?) But the answer depends on many individual factors. 

            Here are a few criteria to consider as you explore your right ratio:

            • The higher the ratio of CBD, the less of a high feeling you will experience and vice versa.

            • THC offers anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. 

            • CBD also shares these traits with THC as well as anti-anxiety and anti-seizure.

            Now, let’s check out the meanings behind some of the numbers:

            • 1:1 – Equal parts of CBD and THC is a great option for new users. The THC offers lots of benefits with CBD incorporated to lower THC’s adverse effects.

            • 1:9 OR GREATER – These are considered high THC ratios for Delta 9 gummies and other products.

            • 2:1–5:1 – Delta 9 gummies with these ratios are great options for those who want to avoid intense psychoactivity but still receive the right amount of relief. 

            • 25:1 – This ratio is for users that don’t want to experience much of the high feeling but do want to tap into the combination of THC and CBD known as the entourage effect.

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              Know Your State’s Stance

              Delta-8 products can be an excellent alternative for customers in states where greater concentrations of delta-9 THC are illegal. 

              So is delta 8 legal? Yes, depending on your state’s regulations. Contact us at Haygood with more questions—we’re happy to guide you to the most appropriate product for your needs.