In today’s Wild West hemp market, our rigorous, higher-than-most standards ensure you achieve the good and healthy life you deserve

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Locally grown • Hand Harvested • Third-Party Tested • Honestly Labeled • Highly Sought

Organically Grown in Sequatchie Valley, Tennessee.

Not Europe. Not China. Not Canada. Not one seed.
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Pure Unadulterated Dirt.

It’s what makes us different. Everyone else is seed to shelf. We’re dirt to delivery. Because we know purity begins in the dirt since even the best seeds absorb whatever they’re planted in. That’s why we plant in rich Tennessee soil chock full of nutrients and void of heavy metals, solvents and pesticides. Plus, our organic farming practices ensure our hand-cultivated hemp is consistently exceptional.

Seeing is Believing

Walk our stalks. Peek into our lab. Question our quality. You'll find a whole lot of passion and a huge dose of peace of mind.
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